About the Practice

East Valley Pediatric Endocrinology is the office of Dr. Edward Holland. We treat children with a variety of endocrine problems, such as diabetes, poor growth, early or delayed puberty, and thyroid disorders.

We have been established in Mesa since 2001, after Dr. Holland spent a lengthy amount of time as the nomadic pediatric endocrinologist, practicing from Rapid City, South Dakota to Nashua, New Hampshire. A staunch supporter of warmer weather for everyone, Dr. Holland settled into Arizona quite happily.

In general, we like to have fun. We only take seriously things that are serious.

Regarding diabetes: We try to make diabetes fit into the patient's life while maintaining healthy blood sugars. I believe strongly in intensive diabetes management at all ages, including the use of insulin pumps at all ages. One note: insulin pumps require a great deal of work and supervision by the whole family. If you want a pump, you must be committed to counting carbohydrates accurately, checking six to ten blood sugars a day, logging the results, and most importantly - communicating very frequently with us.

Regarding small size: I am 5 feet 4 inches, so I don't regard being short as a problem in and of itself. I use growth hormone only when it is medically indicated.

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